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Trying to be a Spider

Chapter 1 

Experimental workshop 

This is the first chapter in a curatorial project by Frederik Vium and Cristina Ruesch.


It brought together seven sculptural artists to create a postal exhibition, delivered to 50 participants.


This workshop centred around a new version of the myth of Arachne, written by Holly Hunter and performed by Nina Kuttler.


The myth acted as a web to hold each of the artworks within, and throughout the workshop participants were invited to engage with each artwork in turn.


The artists are Ida Hy, Frederik Vium, Cristina Ruesch, Sara Mikkelssen, Elburuz Fidan, Stella Beling and Francsica Markus.


The spider costume is by Cristina Ruesch


Facilitation, concept and text by Holly Hunter

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