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I hate the idea of a thirsty whale 

Text, Skype Performance, ongoing research


In 2006 a northern bottlenose whale swam up the Thames estuary, where she ultimately died of thirst. The same year a man named Jock Wallace drowned in the garden pond because he was drunk. 

This research project takes these two tragedies as a starting point to think through the legacies of the whaling industry, alongside personal and social narratives of alcoholism.  The project is fed by numerous sources including scientific journals, cultural myth, research trips, popular culture, science fiction and personal histories.  

The project began with a text written for the 2016 Thames Whale Memorial March, where it was performed outside the natural history museum. Other iterations have been performed as virtual one-on-one performances, and the text has been printed in the Multi Species Research Group Journal, Vol 1. Clear Spirit. 

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