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Is a long term collaboration between Clémentine Bedos, Verity Coward, Assia Ghendir and Holly Hunter. 

It is supported by Arts Council England, and Goldsmiths exhibition hub, and has been shown in varying iterations at Jupiter Woods (London), Well Projects (Margate) and Mahler Lewitt (Spoleto, Italy) 

It is currently on show at Goldsmith's CCA as part of the Unruly Bodies group exhibition 


The multi-disciplinary project which includes 16mm film, prosthetics, text, sound and performance-based works, draws on the classical myth of Daphne; the nymph who transformed into a laurel tree in order to escape being raped by the god Apollo.

In Metamorph, this narrative – which is traditionally interpreted as resulting in Daphne’s ‘eternal silence or loss of self’ – is reframed through a queer, transcultural and multi-species lens, to consider alternative interpretations around agency in their becoming-tree, and their relationship to landscape.

Installation shots
Well Projects , 2022

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