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Humid Climate

Collaboration with Nina Kuttler

Dual screen film (10 mins), Text , Performance 


The culmination of a year long collaboration with my friend Nina Kuttler, the tropical greenhouses in Planten Un Blomen and the Hamburg subway system.

Together we were investigating modes of being and being-with one another. Our characters developed in response manufactured environments of the greenhouses and the subways. Edges became soupy and blurry: the walls bled just like our noses, our voices distorted like machinery, our haircuts confusingly similar.

We were thinking about queer bodies, plant bodies, architectural bodies, cyborg existence, science fiction and love.

An early rendition of the work was shown at Conch at The South London Gallery, 2016, and then at Thoughts on you in a humid Climate at Mom art space Hamburg, 2017 .

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