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Shapeshifting for earthly survival 

2 part online workshop for Multi Species Research Group and Hhintersection 2020

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Workshop description: 

In this two-part workshop, we looked at ideas of shapeshifting within speculative fiction, mythology and our own lives as a means to understand the ways in which being slippery, shifty and murky can work as a strategy of resistance and a tool for reshaping our futures. 


I gave a research art talk on the way I am thinking about shapeshifting in the current climate, aiming to trouble the binaries of nature/culture, fiction/reality and weakness/strength and find ways to blur our edges.


The workshop included a facilitated discussion and a collective formation of a youtube playlist of shapeshifting references. 

The title of this workshop is a play on the title of ‘Storytelling for earthly survival’ which is a Documentary about the theorists Donna Harraway and her canine companion Cayenne Pepper.

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