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Slab Thanatos

Concrete Slab, Pewter, Lichen, Text, Photographs


This work investigates the landscape of an abandoned plot in Cliftonville, Margate. In 2014 a group of committed locals built a makeshift skate park. It was later bulldozed by the council. The plot of land remains abandoned. I wanted to investigate the mythos, sadness, and burn-out held in this plot of land. And also unpick my relationship to it as a someone who had recently moved to the area. The slab is one of of the paving stones used in ramp building that was then smashed up by bulldozers.

It was produced during a residency at Well Projects, Margate, and exhibited at Like A Gassy Ball or Something fluid, Well Projects, 2019

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 13.58.57.jpg
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