In the beginning was the foam,

Text, performance, kinetic sculpture, 2019

This work investigates the mythological, biological and imaginary qualities of sea-foam (and other foams). The text engages with folklore, rising sea levels, oceanic waste, queer shame, latte art, catholicism and bisexual chemicals. Extract below. 

It was performed alongside kinetic sculptures Bubbly Gargoyles at OSE Microworld  (Margate, AEC, 2019). 


It was exhibited in text form at My Eyes Are Wide, Lips Tightly Pressed as part of the Transmediale Festival (Berlin, ZÖNOTÉKA , 2019)

In the beginning was the foam 2019 (extract)


In the beginning was the foam. and the foam was foam.


The primordial foam, also known as the soup of potential or evolution's  bubble bath, an ooze of microscopic proto lifeforms that bob in and out of time according to an unknown magic. 


Slipping and sliding through the quantum gaps in a foamy physics they meld and mingle into staggering molecular narratives. Infinitely unstable, upredictable and wild the stories coallese into strange beasts lurking in cappuccinos, hand sanitisers, shaving foams and sea spray.


Foam here means the bubbling of bubbles within a large liquid matrix, maybe. Foam also means potential, but also that stuff on the side, the excess that billows out from subaquatic vents, exploding from the side of a mouth saying something important. Watch out! The very matter of foam is cumulative, bubbling up in a sea of biological mulch, algal residues, feminist waves and spitty desires. It’s mostly gross but also beautiful. Over time it smears and grows with minimal surface tension.


According to some science the beginning of earth life was bubbly. It came from the deep, the excess of those billowing sea vents that made some sort of connection. All life came from this froth on the side which is wildness. 


This has been known for centuries. Beginnings are often frothy, goopy expanses that need to be stirred up. Restless Gods that lurk in the chowder realm breathing heavily into the soup. They listen and watch as some other chemical magic begins to whisk this matter into soft peaks. An agitation that lurks deep inside the structure of the bubble itself.  Tiny wriggling bisexual entities are coming together forming never ending desire loops. Both hydrophilic, meaning lover of water and Lypophilic meaning lover of fat these chemical queers reduce the surface tension allowing for bubbly expansion. hydro from the angient greek for water, Lypo from the ancient greek for animal fat but we are not animal yet we must hold our horses by which we mean the foaming cavalry breaking on the shores of time.